SILA Management Services Inc. is led by Robbin R.R. Sinclaire who, depending on the project, constructs a team suitable to meet client needs from among its network of associates.

For over a decade Robbin has managed her own consulting practice providing advice to senior officials with the Federal and Territorial governments and related northern-based entities with a primary focus on financial management and accountability. SILA's new Marine Services Division is headed by Capt. Jim Ewart MM. Jim is the Senior Marine Consultant at SILA.

In addition, Robbin can call on a senior project team with a range of Arctic business and marine transportation contract experience. This gives SILA a greater internal capacity to provide a broader range of services and expertise to our clients.


Principal Consultant

Senior Marine Consultant






At SILA Management Services Inc., we work closely with individuals and organizations who share a view toward creating, developing and enhancing opportunities in the north for Nunavummiut.

As SILA begins its 14th year of operation and a new decade of service, two important priorities have been established. The first is to re-brand SILA Management Services Inc. under SILA North highlighting our commitment to the North right in our name.

The second is to visit more Nunavut communities and continue to broaden SILA North’s reach across the territory. We look forward to working with you and creating another successful decade.